نایلون حبابدار 10 میلی متری نوریسما پارس

Noorisma Pars 10 mm bubble wrap

10mm Bubble Wrap ; The 10 mm diameter refers to the bubbles created at the product method.

This product is used to pack all kinds of goods and counter-impact them during transportation and relocation.

10mm bubble wrap Depending on its application, colored bubble wrap can be produced in 2 layers, 3 layers and 5 layers. Before ordering, the customer needs to specify the mentioned items to be packaged according to the sensitivity of the product.

Noorisma Pars produces and offers this product by default with widths of 60, 90 and 150 and with a length of 100 meters, but it is also possible to order with the desired dimensions.

نایلون حبابدار 10 میلی متری نوریسما پارس

In Noorisma Pars factory, this product can be produced in a variety of matte, transparent and colored models, And also with a special print You can also contact the factory about the details of this issue and get a free consultation from our experts nowadays ,the usage of bubble wrap is one of the most common and cost-effective methods of packaging and anti-shocking the products.Another characteristic feature of this packaging method is its very high operating speed, which according to the up-to-date facilities and equipment of Noorisma factory, You can get your desired product with special dimensions and selective cut and color.

This will also saves lots of time

Noorisma Pars Company is trying its best to play a positive role in the plastics and packaging industry of our beloved country of Iran by using the young force of this land, modern technology and engineered industrial management.